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Finding Your True North with Tony Lipani

Your True North

When was the last time you were hit between the eyes?  Like the scene from the movie Gerry McGuire. Tom Cruise leaves his current employer to follow his own True North. This is what Finding Your True North is all about.

The Podcast is about finding happiness in your life……about following your instincts and taking the risk in life.  I remember when I took over the Aquinas Football Program as a 25-year-Old Head coach.  As I prepared for my first game leading as a Head Coach, I purposely planned to onside kick after our first touchdown.  Every single player on our team knew this.  We practiced it every day for 14 days and sure enough it happened as planned.  We scored a touchdown, onside kicked and recovered the ball!

I took the risk that day…. just like my other Podcast Heart Attack at age 45 Alive.  I haven’t released a new episode in 36 months but on Christmas Day 2019 we had 25 downloads bringing the download total close to 30,000 around the world.  That means 30,000 people have listened to me tell my story with my only intention of helping them recover from a Heart Attack.

Please take the time to listen to this new show,  I promise that I won’t let you down as we all Find Your True North together!

Tony Lipani-



Mar 24, 2021

Bill Saiff Outdoors provides year round hunting and fishing opportunities for the traveling sportsman. Saiff's Fishing Charters is Lake Ontario's largest privately run charter fishing operation-serving fishermen for over 30 years. Seaway Waterfowl Professionals is NY's premier Duck and Goose...

Feb 12, 2021

When John Pelin was hired as athletic director for the Spencerport Central School District, he hit the ground running. 

Never mind the amount of experience Pelin had at the time failed to extend much beyond the then 32-year old's degree in administration.  

"I had head coaching experience," Pelin said of his time in...